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  •   About Cure4Kids
    Cure4Kids is a website dedicated to medical education for physicians, nurses, scientists and health care workers who treat children with catastrophic diseases. Established as part of the St. Jude Department of Global Pediatric Medicine, the Cure4Kids ...
  •   Can I become a Cure4Kids translator?
    There are over 900 seminars available to Cure4Kids users after registration. Most of our content is currently in English. We are constantly looking for qualified volunteer-translators. If you have certain experience translating medical topics and are ...
  •   Report a problem with Cure4Kids
    You may report any problems with the Cure4Kids website by clicking the Contact Us button in the right corner of this window and submitting your question. When submitting your message please remember to include any available specific details, such as a ...
  •   How do I report a translation problem?
    Please report any translation problems you may find in semianars, courses, or the general website. To report a problem please conctact Cure4Kids by clicking the Contact Us button in the upper right corner or this window, or by sending an email to [email protected] ...
  •   Can I request translation of a specific seminar or course?
    Currently there are over 900 seminars available to registered Cure4Kids users. The majority of these seminars are available in English only. If you discover courses or seminars related to topic(s) that are of interest to the medical community in your ...
  •   How do I search for other Cure4Kids users?
    You can search for other users in Cure4Kids by selecting "Find" then "People" from the main navigation menu. A form will appear that will allow you to enter your search criterion. Only users who are listed in the public directory will ...

Cure4Kids is an initiative of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Department of Global Pediatric Medicine.

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