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Help: Favorites

  •   Selecting and Viewing Favorites
    After viewing or searching for seminars, attending an online course, viewing a conference or after joining a working group on Cure4Kids, you can build a favorites list of each of these items by using the favorites button. To use favorites, log in to Cure4Kids. ...
  •   Deleting Items from a Favorites List

    Go to My Cure4Kids on the left of the top navigation bar. On the drop down list, click My Favorites.

    To delete a favorite from your list, click the delete button in the right column next to the favorite item that you would like to delete.

  •   Prioritizing Favorites
    Within your favorites is the Pin feature. The pin icon (pin)in the left column of your list allows you to pin an item which then places the item at the top of your favorites list by default.
  •   Tagging Favorites
    You can add tags to items on your favorites list. Note that next to each seminar, course, conference or working group on your favorites list there is an area for tags. Tags are short descriptions or labels for an item. Tags help users organize content ...
  •   Searching For Favorites
    To filter favorites on your list; in other words, to search within your favorites list, use the form at the top of your favorites page. Select a filter. A filter, when used during a search, eliminates unwanted search results and tells the system to display ...

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