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  •   How do I log in to Oncopedia?
    To access Oncopedia, log in to Cure4Kids.org using your username and password boxes located on the upper right of Cure4Kids.org. If you do not have a username and password, click Register to create an account. If you have forgotten your login username ...
  •   How do I submit a case or an image?
    To submit content to Oncopedia visit the Submit page by either following this link: Submit a document or navigating to the page by clicking the SUBMIT option in the Oncopedia navigation. Once you have located the Submit page select the appropriate link ...
  •   What is an Image?
      Oncopedia images provide a short description of a specific disease feature along with a photograph or imaging study that illustrates the disease feature described. Images can be viewed online or they be downloaded for educational use. Cases are ...
  •   How do I comment on a case or an image?
    Click the Oncopedia tab on the top Cure4Kids level, and the click Discussions in the second level.  This will display a list of current discussions. Click the name of a case or image in the list to access the discussion board. Enter your comments ...
  •   What is a chapter?
      Oncopedia chapters are written by Oncopedia users. All users are welcome to use the online tools provided by Oncopedia to suggest changes. Oncopedia disease leaders will review all suggestions before any changes are made available through the ...
  •   What is a Case?
      Oncopedia cases contain clinical information on the treatment of specific diseases and conditions. Cases can be viewed online or they be downloaded for educational use. Cases are available for download in PDF and Power Point file formats. &n ...
  •   How are videos used?
      Oncopedia videos show either clinical care procedures or disease signs and symptoms in patients. Some videos provide narration in English or Spanish. Oncopedia videos are only available through the website. They can be viewed in a web browser, ...
  •   How do I submit a chapter?
    If you are interested in submitting a chapter to Oncopedia, please contact us via email at oncopedia@cure4kids.org.

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