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Help: Working Groups

  •   What are Cure4Kids Working Groups?
    Cure4Kids Working Groups are interdisciplinary worldwide collaborations of health care providers. Working Groups participants discuss difficult patient cases in Pediatric Oncology, work on new protocols, and conduct research activities. Over 300 international ...
  •   Adding Working Group Members to Your Friends
    To add friends from your working group: •    Log in to Cure4Kids. •    Select Groups from the top menu. •    Click the Group name. •    Select the Members tab. •    ...
  •   Where can I find more information on Cure4Kids working groups?
    Detailed information on how to use Cure4Kids working groups is available in a downloadable document called How to use Cure4Kids Working Groups. Click here to download the document Because this document is in Adobe .pdf format users need to have Adobe ...

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